Open-source eCommerce Development Services

Apoyar builds or integrates open-source eCommerce solutions that make your B2C or B2B business grow. Over the years we developed innovative services and workflows that beat classical eCommerce delivery models resulting in lower budgets and much faster time to market.

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Our Services

eCommerce & omnichannel Strategy

Apoyar combines strategic retail and omni-channel thinking with a wide spectrum of experience to transform your businesses into an eCommerce company.

Open-source eCommerce Development

We assemble your open-source eCommerce platform in our Apoyar Development Factory. Your eCommerce platform is delivered to you in an Agile way with weekly or daily sprints.

Integration & Architecture

Apoyar understands the importance of legacy systems, especially in businesses that have custom workflows. CRM, ERP, PIM, WMS, Accounting Software or something else. We have experience in integrating them in a bimodal IT Structure. We design the architecture for you.

Continuous Improvements

Conversion is the key driver in eCommerce and Apoyar understands the need of CRO like no-one else. We have experience in developping A/B tests and integrating the results continuously in hourly, daily or weekly updates to your eCommerce Platform.

Mobile App Development

Android or IOS, we can quickly and easily build a layer on top of your eCommerce to support a Mobile App. Whether it is an app to drive sales or loyalty. We understand the requirements and importance of it.

Support & Maintenance

Apoyar offers round-the-clock pro-active monitoring and technical support to ensure your eCommerce application is always ready to take orders in and grow your business whilst you sleep.

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Our Way

Budget Control

Open book, transparent business model

Time to Market

Continuous Software Delivery Cycles


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Pragmatic Culture

Building long term customer relationships

Success Stories

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Our Clients Challenge

ZEB is a multi-brand fashion retailer with more than 60 stores in Belgium with an strong eCommerce presence. presence.

Although ZEB had operated the eCommerce platform for some years with various partners, the management wanted to speed up the increase of revenue for their online business. To do so, they realised a strong partner that can deliver solutions within a low time-to-market was required

Apoyar's Solution

Integration & Architecture, Continuous Integrations, Support & Maintenance, Mobile App Development.

As a team ZEB and Apoyar defined business targets and the shared risks for the migration traject. Apoyar replaced the vendors of infrastructure, support and Agile software development within the financial budget constraints using our open book and transparent business model.

After this successfull vendor migration Apoyar introduced its weekly sprint model, where new features and functionalities are A/B tested against live customers on a weekly basis. This unique combination of weekly releases and A/B testing increased the revenue, conversion rate and NPS score.

Together with the knowledge of Apoyar ZEB has integrated their eCommerce platform in many legacy systems like ERP,CRM and WMS now, which makes a full Omnichannel Player of ZEB!

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"We now have a stable eCommerce platform for growth and scalable Application Service Capacity."

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Our Clients Challenge

Bleckmann is a European market leader, also with presence in Asia and the USA, in providing Global Supply Chain Solutions (SCM), services.

There is a growing demand for reverse/return logistics from B2C eCommerce fashion sites. Bleckmann needed a solution to support this demand for their customers.

Apoyar's Solution

Managed Project, Managed Application Services.

Having performed the business analysis, Apoyar produced a functional specification and open book pricing to build the software prototype. By introducing a new development methodology with continuous delivery cycles the platform was build on time. The prototype was tested with key retail customers to validate the product market fit.

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"Apoyar surprised us in delivering the platform exactly on time."

About Us

At Apoyar we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problems and challenges in outsourced software development. Everyone is turning into a software business and everyone needs access to talented engineers. Start-ups need low cost, reliable on demand coding talent. Growing businesses need access to a broad skills base that are trusted, highly collaborative and deliver on time to budget.

Throughout the history of business, people use software applications and constant development to create their uniqueness in highly competitive markets. Our mission at Apoyar is to make the software development economy more transparent and open with innovative services driven by our customers or by us.

Today we provide development services that are easy to consume, fairly priced and are available to as many people as possible.

Paul Speers, CRO

Paul Speers

  • CRO
  • 20 Years Enterprise Sales & Marketing
  • 25 Years Business Systems & Services
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Tom De Bondt, CEO

Tom De Bondt

  • CEO
  • 10+ Years IT & Development
  • 5+ Years eCommerce Strategy & Execution
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David Hamilton, Chairman

David Hamilton

  • Chairman
  • 30+ Years Tech & Cloud Entrepreneur
  • 35+ Years Software & System Engineering
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